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Become a International Wedding and Event Planner


Proven in depth training course with graduates running businesses

and employed in the wedding & event industry segments in overseas countries.

Comprehensive support material including contract templates,

customer presentation material, business operations, marketing and management manuals.
Addtional material covering legal requirements and cultural


12 month correspondence course with ongoing support and mentoring available through WPAA. A short term offer for an online accounting system is offered with your course valued over $400.

  • Syllabus
  • Assignments

International Wedding & Event Planning Course

  • Nine core units

    1. Ceremonies and licenses

    • Working with the Celebrant
    • International wedding Rehearsals
    • International wedding Ceremonies
    • wedding Planner responsibilities
    • International marriage Licenses
    • Weddings Abroad
    • Desgning various templates
    • 2. International Wedding Etiquette
    • Wedding planning etiquette- Cultural differences
    • Modern verses traditional wedding etiquette
    • Roles and it's effect on culture 
    • Economic changes to etiquette

    3.Marketing the wedding/event planning industry

    • Writing an editorial
    • Benefits of a hiring a wedding Planner
    • Capturing your audience
    • Working with your competitors
    • How to market your business-Different Countries
    • How to charge for your services
    • Business plan
    • Networking most effective way- Cultural Differences

    4. Working with suppliers

    • Locating suppliers
    • Proposed Budget
    • Spreadsheet
    • Marketing strategies
    • Suppliers overcharging and the effects
    • How to find reliable suppliers

    5.Planning a successful event

    • Rules for planning an event
    • Planning an event
    • Using your creativity
    • Working with a budget

    6.Creating an event pack

    • Designing a business portfolio
    • Designing a business logo
    • Wedding brochures  
    • Event brochure
    • Creating packages  


    • Networking strategies
    • Crucial Steps in networking
    • Network hindrances

    8. Attributes of a successful planner

    • identifying the attributes
    • Hindrances that will effect the business
    • Adapting to Cultural differences

    9. Exploring your niche market

    • Do we need a niche market to succeed?
    • Identifyinhg your niche market
    • Researching your market- competitors

    Then a choice of two of the listed elective

    1.Practicum in managing an event

    • Planning an event
    • Industry experience and reporting
    • Backup plans

    2.Website design

    • Choosing a business name
    • Logo design
    • Designing a website

    3.Catering for wedding disasters

    Solving problems as a Professional

    • Scenarios and overcoming
  • No refunds or returns

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