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Become a Wedding Planner (AWP)

  • This is an online course with online tutoring and support. Proven in depth training course with graduates running businesses and employed in the wedding industry segment.
  • Comprehensive support material including contract templates, customer presentation material, business operations, marketing and management manuals.
  • 12 month correspondence course with ongoing support and mentoring available through WPAA. 

Advance Wedding Planning Course

  • You will learn in the comfort of your own home with a personal tutor to assist you with any questions you may have. We'll give you all the business tips you'll need with all the contracts and bridal packs and templates to get you started. This will save you months of work all included in your pack. All you'll need to do is put your own logo on the templates.


    By taking our course it will be of great help especially if you want to work in the industry. Many have taken our diploma courses and now are working for different Industry related jobs. The WPAA  has become the number one training company  for in-house training for so many companies. 

    When you graduate you'll be equipped to start your  own business or apply for industry jobs.

    Research sequence

    Core units (4)

    Unit 1- Wedding Ceremonies

    • Marriage Licenses
    • Weddings abroad
    • Designing a template
    • popular wedding ceremonies
    • Cultural ceremonies

    Unit 2-Wedding Etiquette

    • Wedding planning etiquette
    • Modern verses traditional wedding etiquette
    • Roles and it's effect on culture
    • Economic changes to etiquette 

    Unit 3- Marketing the wedding planner industry

    • Capturing your audience
    • Wedding Planner benefits
    • Marketing that stands out
    • Working with your competitors
    • How to market your business stand out.
    • Packages and pricing
    • Creating a Business plan
    • Networking most effective way

    Unit 4 - Working with suppliers

    • How to apply marketing strategies
    • Locating reliable suppliers
    • Proposed Budget
    • Spreadsheet 
    • Suppliers overcharging and the effects

    Elective Units (choose 2 from the following list);

    Practicum in planning a wedding

    Website design 

    Catering for wedding disasters



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