Wedding Disasters

Planning and organising a wedding is an exciting time but it can also be a daunting and stressful time for modern day brides. Life is so busy already so why not enlist the help of a Wedding Planner to help plan your dream day. They can take much of the stress away and let you sit back and enjoy the experience and hopefully also keep your Fiancé sane!

Did you know it is perfectly normal to have three minor hiccups on your wedding day? But don’t panic with detailed planning and the services of a reputable Wedding Planner these can be kept to a minimum so you will be able to relax and enjoy marrying the person you love. One of the most important roles of a Wedding Planner is if an issue should arise they can quickly step in and sort out the situation so that you can concentrate on what is

There is not the room here in this article to go through all possible wedding hiccups and how to avoid them but I hope that I can cover some of the most common possibilities and to arm you with helpful information and tips.

Going over budget!
Having a set budget at the outset is important. Sit down with your Fiancé (and parents if appropriate) and establish how much you can afford to spend on your Wedding Day. It is helpful as you plan your wedding and talk to suppliers that you take note of every cent, this will ensure you stay on track. Believe me realising you are over budget close to your wedding day can cause unnecessary tension in an already stressful time and is one disaster a bride and groom do not need at the start of their union! Employing the services of a Wedding Planner can ensure that you stay on budget without
the stress. They can also save you time and money as they have local knowledge on the best suppliers at the best prices than a bride off the street.

The importance of a check list.
Another important disaster proof tip is to keep a checklist. It is a great idea to make a list of all the things you will need to do for your wedding, have a friend or Mum to help you. It is amazing the amount of things to think about and do which can be overwhelming. Many brides like to keep a journal of clippings they like of dress styles, flowers, hair styles and other details about their wedding. It is a good idea to keep your checklist in the journal and carry in your handbag for easy access at all times.

As you make your way through the list tick things off as you go and add new items as they arise. This will keep you organized and ensure that on the day nothing is forgotten. A small disaster if on the day you realize that you didn’t order the cake! Eek!

A Wedding Planner can also assist with your ever growing list as they are detailed organized people who actually love making lists and will help ensure not even the smallest of things is forgotten. You can get a Wedding Planner involved at any stage of the planning you can also ask for help to plan the whole wedding or just to be there on the day to ensure things run smoothly. They are extremely flexible so feel free to chat to them about your needs and requirements, they will only be too happy to help.

Shopping for your dream dress.                                                For a lot of brides choosing ‘the dress’ is one of the most fun and exciting par of planning a wedding. Before you even start your search establish that all important budget this will ensure you visit Bridal Boutiques or Designers with dresses you can afford. You will only be disappointed if don’t establish a budget and fall in love with a dress that is twice your budget!

Take your time choosing your dress and do lots of research online, read magazines and visit local bridal boutiques and designers. Remember many bridal boutiques will charge you a fee to try dresses on so a good idea is to choose a couple of boutiques that carry different designers within your budget.

Ask your maid of honor and/or Mum to go with you to try dresses on it is helpful to get some honest advice from people that know and love you. Try many styles on, sometimes what you had dreamed of just doesn’t suit you or is not suitable for the type of wedding you are having. Be mindful of where your wedding is being held when choosing your dress. For example if you are having a beach wedding think about how the style of dress will sit on the soft sand - how it sits on a flat surface can be different to how it will fall on the sand. Will the style of dress be easy to walk in down the beach and most importantly are you comfortable? These are all things which are easy to over look when choosing your dress and are caught up in the moment!

My advice is to not rush your decision, sleep on it and think on it for a few days you don’t want to regret your choice once you have already handed over the deposit. It is best to have your dress ordered 6mths before your day to ensure it is made or ordered in time and any alterations can be done. Your designer or reputable bridal boutique can assist you in this important but exciting decision! To avoid any dress disasters on the day ensure you try your dress on the week before the wedding so that there are no surprises on the day and to allow time for any last minute adjustments. Again your dress designer or bridal boutique will assist you here and ensure that your dress is as perfect as it should be!

Should we invite children?
Ahh this is a tricky subject which can cause family feuds if not dealt with properly. If you and your fiancé decide on a no children policy make sure that everyone clearly understands this before the day to avoid 2nd Cousin Shelly saying ‘oh I didn’t think that rule applied to our little Johnny’.

A good way to make this decision clear is to declare your wish on the invitations or on the enclosed information sheet. You can choose your words delicately so as to not upset anyone. For example ‘Tom and I would love for you to be able to relax and enjoy yourselves on our special day and would appreciate it if you could please make alternative arrangements for your children’. If you are having a destination wedding help your guests by suggesting babysitting services in that area.

If you do decide to have children in your wedding party or attending the reception it is a good idea to have something for them to do. A little gift bag with crayons and colouring book, bubbles, games, etc. on their table will go a long way to keeping the youngest members of your party happy – and their parents! If you have very young children attending your wedding make sure there is a quiet out of the way place for them to take a nap. If you have a lot of children coming consider hiring a baby sitter or two or maybe even a magician or puppeteer to keep them entertained in another room whilst the speeches are taking place.

Your Wedding Planner can help suggest the most appropriate children friendly ways to include them but also to eliminate any stress around having children present.

Oh no! The flowers haven’t arrived.
If employing the services of a Wedding Planner this shouldn’t happen as a Wedding Planner uses reputable suppliers and confirms all bookings the day before. However, sometimes things can happen which are beyond anyone’s control.

If you have a Wedding Planner present on the day it will be her job to take the stress of the situation away from you and find an alternative so you can concentrate on getting ready and looking beautiful!

However there are some options which could be at hand to help you in this situation. Sending someone to the local corner flower shop, supermarket or even service station is a quick and cheap option, select their best flowers and tie with a ribbon.

Depending on the location of the wedding some creativity may be required if a flower shop or the like is not nearby. This might mean picking flowers from your garden (or neighbours garden – ask first) or asking the hotel you are staying at if they can help – they might have some flower arrangements around the hotel that they could give you to use. Rest assured there will be a solution to this problem some imagination just maybe required!

Enjoy every minute organizing your wedding as it should be an enjoyable time for a couple and family. Careful detailed planning will ensure the day you have both always dreamed of.


By Kylie Lucas