Welcome to the WPAA Website!



The Wedding Planning Association is managed by an advisory board to uphold and maintain the standard of all Wedding Planners in Australia and across the globe.

The WPAA was established by a team of wedding and event professionals in May 2008.  

Our main goal is to support wedding planners who have completed a wedding or event  planning course from any course provider in Australia. We offer online advice and assistance on industry related matters. Having the association, will be a source of encouragement and reassurance for our members in all areas of planning.

The association has established a unified standard for all current wedding planners and future wedding planners in Australia to abide by.

This is to encourage current wedding planners to receive professional education from an established wedding planning business in Australia.

This association will be the first point of contact for many prospective couples looking for a certified wedding planner who is abiding by our WPAA code of practice.

All members must provide proof of their completed training and certification to the WPAA. The WPAA takes pride in keeping the Industry standards high so many will aspire to become wedding planners and referred work will be in abundance, due to the standard you have set for your business.

For all membership enquiries, please email General Enquiries on the contact page.


Code of Conduct

  1. All members must abide by the code of conduct set by the WPAA in order to be a member.
  2. All WPAA members must hold a certified wedding planner certificate or have attended a recognised wedding planner course.